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Everything you need to know about Box Braids

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What Are Box Braids?

Box braids are a protective style of doing black hair that gives the natural hair a chance to rest and recover from damage. A versatile look, box braids are extremely popular within the African American community. Not only is this style practical, it’s also absolutely stunning!

Originating in Ethiopian culture, box braids are created by using three or more strands of braids that are layered over one another. Different looks can be formed from using varying hair colors as well as using different braid lengths. Below you will find an example of a box braid style.


Three of the Top Box Braid Styles for 2018

You can get a lot of different looks when using box braids. As previously mentioned, the versatility of this style has made it a popular choice among African American women. We at Pure Allure Hair we recommend the following styles:


The Cornrows Look

Able to be created even with super short hair, cornrows are one of the most common type of box braid. This type of braid goes along your scalp, which provides ideal support for weaves, extensions, and other wigs. Additionally, proper cornrows provide the least amount of stress on the head, making it the most comfortable box braid for wearing hair extensions.


The Micro Braids Look

This look is formed when your hair is braided into small plaits. Able to be short or long, these braids can be worn for extended periods of time while not showing any visible new hair growth. This keeps your style looking fresh and kept together. Additionally, micros are ideal for up hair dos.


The Marley Hair Braids Look

If your hair texture is coarse, the best box braid for you is the Marley hair braid. Similar to the appearance of dreadlocks, this braid blends well with natural hair. This type of braid is generally lighter than other types, allowing for extended wear and a greater ability to effectively wear your hair up.

Box Braids

Tying Up the Loose Ends: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Does my hair grow in a box braid?

Yes! Box braids are worn by women of color as a protective measure for their hair. While in the various box braid styles, natural hair has the chance to rest, grow, and become enriched. Box braids also protect your natural hair from the elements.

To maximize your natural hair growth and enrichment, take care of your hair to keep it healthy. Make sure you keep it moisturized and apply a good conditioner to your roots on a daily basis while also conditioning your braids. Fully wash your hair every week to two weeks and allow your braids to air dry. It is important to know how take care of your box braids.

As wonderful as box braid are, there is one important caveat: box braids shouldn’t be worn more than two months because at that point, your new natural hair growth will be under too much stress to thrive.

Box braids are always in style but for 2018, they’re extra hot. Look good while also protecting that natural hair, pick out the right box braid for you today. Check our collections and learn more about our peruvian, indian or malaysian hair extensions.


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