Your Ultimate Guide To Taking Care of Your Natural Hair: A How to Manual

If you are anything like us, you are currently (and really always have been) in a love/hate
relationship with your hair. You LOVE your hair because it’s an extension of you, something
you get to show to the world. You HATE your hair because it can be a hassle and a challenge
keeping it looking as fabulous as you are. However, despite our complaints, we all know we’d
never part with our hair if given the option. So, we must find a way to maximize our hair
fabulocity while also minimizing the hassle.

That is why this guide has been assembled. You’re going to find the best tips and advice known
to womankind here. We hope you enjoy our “ultimate” guide to taking care of your fabulous
hair. We’ll start by covering the basics and then move to establishing and perfecting your


Model Showcasing Natural Hair
Image Source: Lauren Cowart

Basics of Natural Hair

To get the most out of life, you really need to know yourself. The same concept applies to hair
care. You really need to know your hair. More specifically, you should be able to recognize what
kind of texture your hair has, its strength, and level of natural moisture. All of this will play a
factor in determining your best product choices, routine, and choice of hairdo. There is no one
size fits all approach to this. Everyone is a unique individual and that goes for your hair, too! So,
it is perfectly okay to customize your approach to best serve your individual hair care needs.

Overall, there are 3 general types of natural hair. They are kinky, wavy, and curly. Each three are
beautiful variants of natural hair that require specialized care. One brand that we adore is Pure
Allure Hair. They have products that cater to all types of natural hair. They’re amazing! And you
should only use amazing brands for your amazing hair. Treat yo’ self.
Below you will find links to resources that speak to the beautiful differences among these hair

4C Hair 101:
Coily vs Kinky Hair:

Picking the Products that is best for YOU

When you first start looking for hair care products for natural hair, it can feel a little
overwhelming. Since there are so many different available options, you may develop decision
fatigue if you aren’t really familiar with your hair. To save time and money, get to know your
hair. Figure it out. How strong is it? How dry is it? What’s the porosity? The answer to these
questions will steer your selection of both hair products and hair styles.
Since each hair type requires different products to truly unlock their natural beauty, we’ve found
some good product reviews for each of the natural hair types. This information is taken from You may also wish to supplement your knowledge of the relationship
between natural hair type and hair product by doing additional research.
— Information about some great stay-in conditioning and other products: hair-conditioners- 2017 curly-products- really-work
We want to go ahead and mention that when you wear a weave, it is always best to invest in a
high quality, 100% virgin hair weave. Pure Allure Hair has a lot of great hair extension products
that go BEAUTIFULLY well with all types of natural hair. We definitely recommend checking
them out!


Your routine is extremely important. Your routine is critical. Your routine is EVERYTHING.
Okay, well, maybe not everything, but your routine does play a significant role in maintaining
healthy, gorgeous natural hair and extensions.
Your hair care routine begins with washing your hair during pre-planned, specified times. You
should schedule a decent chunk of time because you don’t want to rush yourself—perfection
takes time! Follow these steps to establish a good hair care routine:

1) Before adding shampoo or water, take the time to detangle. Detangling before you wash
it will save you some unnecessary hair pulling later.
2) Wash your hair as you would normally do with a quality shampoo.
3) After shampooing, use an oil based hair conditioner. Work it into your hair and scalp.
4) While the conditioner is still in your hair, use a wide tooth comb to go through your hair
from the bottom tips all the way to your scalp.
5) Rinse the conditioner out of your hair and allow it to air dry.
It is important to note that you shouldn’t use any ole’ shampoo. Make sure you are using a
cleaning one that won’t strip your hair (stripping hair is BAD with a capital B).

After you’ve completed the detangling and washing of that phenomenal natural hair, head into
the Liquid-Oil- Cream method, also known as the LOC method. This technique is the absolute
BEST!! Using the LOC method, you keep your hair hydrated by using a water-based product
(that’s the liquid part, obviously); you lock in needed moisture with an oil based product; and
you keep the moisture from escaping via applying a cream product that closes the hair cuticle.
Truly, the LOC aspect of your routine is the most critical. Its job is to keep your natural hair
and/or extensions from drying out between wash days. We recommend that you use the LOC
method once a day. Maybe while you’re styling it or right before bed. Just make sure to wrap it
up before sleeping.

In Conclusion

We hope this guide has offered some useful tips for taking care of your natural hair! Remember,
if you are good to your hair, your hair will be good to you. It is essential that you take care of
your hair in order for it to be strong enough for your preferred styles.

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