Why Weaves Are A Great Protective Style

Protective styles are a great way to protect your natural or relaxed hair. These styles protect your hair from overmanipulation, chemicals, heat and elements from the environment. Protective styles can run the gamut from braids, to flat twists to weaves. Weaves are typically are not thought to be in the protective style category but they are. Weaves are a great protective style for all women – to learn why, keep reading!

Extensions and weaves are great protective styles for women of all hair types. Why? These styles effectively protect your hair, and by doing so, grow your hair. Have you ever noticed how fast your hair grows when its braided up? This happens because you are not manipulating your hair by combing it harshly or subjecting it to damaging heat styling. Having a great braid pattern underneath your weave helps to maintain and promote hair growth (which is something I’m sure that all women want!). Weaves also allow women to try any type of style or any hair color without subjecting their hair to any chemicals, which is also great for hair growth.

As you can see, weaves are a great protective style for all women. Not only do they protect your hair from chemicals and heat damage but they also serve to promote hair growth. This can only happen if you maintain your weave properly, so make sure to check out our other article “3 Easy Steps To Take Care Of Your Hair Underneath Your Weave” and implement all of our tips to have your best hair ever!

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