Should You Sew-In or Glue On Your Lace Wig?

A How To Guide and A Little Advice

Sew-in Lace Wig Model

It is known that, by far, the best way to secure your lace wig the best is to have it sewn on. Unfortunately, if you’ve already maxed out your budget getting the perfect wig, hiring a weaving specialist to sew it on may not be financially feasible.   

Alas, don’t give up hope! For we are coming to the rescue. Today, we are offering through this article a little Do-It-Yourself guide to achieving the best sewn in weave. Doing it yourself can save you a lot of money, but it will take time. And it’s not easy! It’s going to take some effort. But you can get through it. We believe in you! We’ll also give you some other tips, the pros and cons of sewing in your weave, and some advice on the alternative option of gluing it in.

Sewing in your Lace Wig: A Tutorial

You’re going to need exactly six things before you get started sewing your lace wig in. Before you begin, go ahead and collect the following:

  1. Your Full Lace Wig
  2. Curved Weaving needle
  3. Large bristle brush
  4. Banana Clips
  5. Weaving thread
  6. An old tooth brush

After you have gathered the necessary materials, follow these simple, straightforward steps. Follow each step precisely to get the best sew in wig.

Step 1

First, braid all of your natural hair. Below you will see an example of braiding. However, you may use any style of braiding that you would like.

Hair Braiding getting ready for Sew-In

Step 2

Secondly, place your lace wig on your head, aligning it so it fits perfectly. Make sure it is where you want it to be as it can be quite difficult to adjust a sewn in wig once it is attached to your scalp.

Placing Lace Wig on head as step 2 

Step 3

After you have aligned your wig, take the toothbrush and brush your baby hair out from under your wig.

Model aligned wig and brushing baby hair

Step 4

After brush your baby hair, you are going to part your hair into three sections. Use the comb to part it from ear to ear from the middle of your head.

Model Parting head

Step 5

Now, we can actually start the sewing process. Start stitching across the middle of your head. This is referred to as the anchor stitch. Make sure this is done precisely and accurately. Take time doing this. There’s not need to rush.  

Model starting sewing process of the Lace Wig

Step 6

Starting with the front right side, stitch back towards the anchor stitches. Then repeat the process on the front left side.  

Stich on Lace Wig

Step 7

Clip some of your hair in the front and then stich backwards to the anchor stitches. This secures the hair in the front. You should avoid your usual side or middle parts doing this.

Clip Lace Wig

Now that you know the seven steps it takes to sew in a lace wig, we’re going to delve into the pros and cons of this weave method to determine if it’s the optimal option for you.

The 5 Top Hair Growth Products for Women in 2018

Top Hair Growth

The 5 Top Hair Growth Products for Women in 2018: Unfortunately, life sometimes sends us curve balls—like hair loss. It doesn’t just happen to men; it happens to women just the same. Hair loss in women can be caused by numerous things—genetics and heredity, health factors, or from, regrettably, dying and styling your locks too much. It’s a bummer, but it’s a fact of life: hair loss can happen to anyone. However, thankfully we live in 2018 and there are various products that can mitigate the effects of hair loss and even stimulate the growth of new hair!  Of course, you should always seek the counsel of a medical professional for the most personalized advice, but we’ve got some of the basics covered for you here to get you started.


What exactly are Top Hair Growth Products and how do they work?

Top Hair growth products vary greatly depending on their individual design. There are numerous products currently available on the market that promote new hair growth; stimulate existing hair to grow; assist in helping you keep the hair you already have; and give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. The time required for results to become noticeable also depends on the individual product, so patience will be needed. Make sure to follow the instructions for each hair growth product you use exactly. Furthermore, there is no reason to delay treatment. Begin a hair growth regime as soon as you notice hair loss, balding, or thinning. Couple your hair growth regime with a healthy lifestyle by eating a good diet, exercising, and avoiding carcinogens.

The 5 Top Hair Growth Products for Women

Pura d’or Hair Loss Prevention Premium Organic Shampoo

Hair Growth Shampoo & Top Hair Growth

Since 2012, the top seller on Amazon for hair and scalp treatments has been Pura d’or hair loss prevention shampoo. This product helps to prevent premature hair loss, increase hair volume, and aids healthy hair growth. Pura d’or hair loss prevention shampoo achieves this by strengthening your hair strands, proving nutrients for hair growth, and betters circulation. Nourishing your hair with essential nutrients and oils, this premier product is great for begging your hair strengthening and regrowth process.

Containing only organic materials with no harsh chemicals or sulfates, this hair growth product’s new formula uses an advanced DHT blocker composition to effectively trigger hair growth and promote hair healthiness. This new formula has enhanced bioavailability and increased absorption. Since it uses essential oils and other natural ingredients, Pura d’or hair loss prevention shampoo can leave your hair looking thicker, feeling softer, and smelling fantastic.

This product is suitable for all hair types and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Ready to try it? It’s currently $23.74 on Amazon.

Ultrax Labs Hair Lush Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Thickening Treatment Formula Serum

Top Hair Growth Hair Growth Thickening Treatment Formula Serum

Want to thicken your hair by up to 150%? Look no further than The Ultrax Labs Hair Lush treatment. This hair loss growth serum has proven effective and contains a breakthrough innovation in caffeine technology. The Ultrax serum can both minimize your hair loss as well as stimulate your hair follicles to grow additional hair at a quicker rate. It is highly effective and the end results are typically a fuller head of hair that is softer and thicker.

Using the serum is quite easy. It has an easy-to-use pump, which you’ll use to add product to your hands that you will then run through your hair and scalp, gently massaging it in. Feeling a tingling sensation on your scalp is normal after applying it. Currently $49.99 on Amazon this product can be used daily by individuals of all hair types.

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo

Top Hair Growth Hair Loss Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge is described by Amazon as a highly effective micro blend caffeine shampoo. Specifically, this product was the highest rated 2015 shampoo for hair regrowth stimulation on What makes this product so great is in its formula of powerful caffeine compounds. These compounds strongly help reduce hair loss, encourage hair growth, and significantly decrease the effects of testosterone within your skin. This amazing shampoo also has saw palmetto, essential oils, and 0.2% Ketoconazole to further promote hair growth.

Having years of overwhelmingly positive reviews, this product has earned a reputation for results. In addition to it promoting hair growth and strength, this shampoo may thicken your hair, improve texture, and leave it smelling wonderfully. This is a great product for men and women alike and can be used up to 5 times a week. Get you a bottle today for  $43.99 on Amazon!

Dermachange Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Top Hair Growth Dermachange Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Composed of essential oils, vitamins, raw organic manuka honey, and coconut extracts, Dermachange Hair Growth is a way to help prevent hair loss, increase hair volume, stimulate hair growth, and even mitigate the effects of scalp psoriasis and dermatitis.

Coming in an 8 ounce bottle, this product can also leave your hair feeling soft and silky and looking shiny after each individual use. It does this by returning amino acids and proteins to your hair to repair damaged fibers. It encourages natural moisturizing, helps decrease split ends, and is free of any harsh chemicals.

This shampoo and conditioner is a great fit for any hair type. It has a long record of satisfying customers and delivering positive results. It is currently $49.99 on Amazon.

Virgin Hair Fertilizer By The Roots Naturelle

Top Hair Growth Virgin Hair Fertilizer By The Roots Naturelle

Containing organic vitamins, shea butter, black castor oil, hair growth proteins, sweet almond oil, peppermint oil, and other natural compounds, Virgin Hair Fertilizer can increase the strength of your hair, increase hair growth, decrease hair breakage, and even alleviate scalp dryness. Often referred to as African Hair Fertilizer, this product is a deep conditioner that treats and restores damaged and dry hair, leaving it looking smooth, healthy, and reinvigorated. It can help repair years of damage from heat or chemical treatments. As an added benefit, this product also makes styling your hair easier.

This product is ideal for African and Caribbean hair types. Especially effective for dry hair, this product has garnered a very loyal following and has enjoyed years of overwhelmingly positive reviews. It is currently $14.99 on Amazon.


There you have it! These 5 phenomenal products are our choice for the top 5 best hair growth products for women in 2018. We hope this information has been useful in helping you with your hair growth process.

Your Ultimate Guide To Taking Care of Your Natural Hair: A How to Manual

If you are anything like us, you are currently (and really always have been) in a love/hate
relationship with your hair. You LOVE your hair because it’s an extension of you, something
you get to show to the world. You HATE your hair because it can be a hassle and a challenge
keeping it looking as fabulous as you are. However, despite our complaints, we all know we’d
never part with our hair if given the option. So, we must find a way to maximize our hair
fabulocity while also minimizing the hassle.

That is why this guide has been assembled. You’re going to find the best tips and advice known
to womankind here. We hope you enjoy our “ultimate” guide to taking care of your fabulous
hair. We’ll start by covering the basics and then move to establishing and perfecting your


Model Showcasing Natural Hair
Image Source: Lauren Cowart

Basics of Natural Hair

To get the most out of life, you really need to know yourself. The same concept applies to hair
care. You really need to know your hair. More specifically, you should be able to recognize what
kind of texture your hair has, its strength, and level of natural moisture. All of this will play a
factor in determining your best product choices, routine, and choice of hairdo. There is no one
size fits all approach to this. Everyone is a unique individual and that goes for your hair, too! So,
it is perfectly okay to customize your approach to best serve your individual hair care needs.

Overall, there are 3 general types of natural hair. They are kinky, wavy, and curly. Each three are
beautiful variants of natural hair that require specialized care. One brand that we adore is Pure
Allure Hair. They have products that cater to all types of natural hair. They’re amazing! And you
should only use amazing brands for your amazing hair. Treat yo’ self.
Below you will find links to resources that speak to the beautiful differences among these hair

4C Hair 101:
Coily vs Kinky Hair:

Picking the Products that is best for YOU

When you first start looking for hair care products for natural hair, it can feel a little
overwhelming. Since there are so many different available options, you may develop decision
fatigue if you aren’t really familiar with your hair. To save time and money, get to know your
hair. Figure it out. How strong is it? How dry is it? What’s the porosity? The answer to these
questions will steer your selection of both hair products and hair styles.
Since each hair type requires different products to truly unlock their natural beauty, we’ve found
some good product reviews for each of the natural hair types. This information is taken from You may also wish to supplement your knowledge of the relationship
between natural hair type and hair product by doing additional research.
— Information about some great stay-in conditioning and other products: hair-conditioners- 2017 curly-products- really-work
We want to go ahead and mention that when you wear a weave, it is always best to invest in a
high quality, 100% virgin hair weave. Pure Allure Hair has a lot of great hair extension products
that go BEAUTIFULLY well with all types of natural hair. We definitely recommend checking
them out!


Your routine is extremely important. Your routine is critical. Your routine is EVERYTHING.
Okay, well, maybe not everything, but your routine does play a significant role in maintaining
healthy, gorgeous natural hair and extensions.
Your hair care routine begins with washing your hair during pre-planned, specified times. You
should schedule a decent chunk of time because you don’t want to rush yourself—perfection
takes time! Follow these steps to establish a good hair care routine:

1) Before adding shampoo or water, take the time to detangle. Detangling before you wash
it will save you some unnecessary hair pulling later.
2) Wash your hair as you would normally do with a quality shampoo.
3) After shampooing, use an oil based hair conditioner. Work it into your hair and scalp.
4) While the conditioner is still in your hair, use a wide tooth comb to go through your hair
from the bottom tips all the way to your scalp.
5) Rinse the conditioner out of your hair and allow it to air dry.
It is important to note that you shouldn’t use any ole’ shampoo. Make sure you are using a
cleaning one that won’t strip your hair (stripping hair is BAD with a capital B).

After you’ve completed the detangling and washing of that phenomenal natural hair, head into
the Liquid-Oil- Cream method, also known as the LOC method. This technique is the absolute
BEST!! Using the LOC method, you keep your hair hydrated by using a water-based product
(that’s the liquid part, obviously); you lock in needed moisture with an oil based product; and
you keep the moisture from escaping via applying a cream product that closes the hair cuticle.
Truly, the LOC aspect of your routine is the most critical. Its job is to keep your natural hair
and/or extensions from drying out between wash days. We recommend that you use the LOC
method once a day. Maybe while you’re styling it or right before bed. Just make sure to wrap it
up before sleeping.

In Conclusion

We hope this guide has offered some useful tips for taking care of your natural hair! Remember,
if you are good to your hair, your hair will be good to you. It is essential that you take care of
your hair in order for it to be strong enough for your preferred styles.

Box Braids Styles

Everything you need to know about Box Braids

Model wearing Box Braids

What Are Box Braids?

Box braids are a protective style of doing black hair that gives the natural hair a chance to rest and recover from damage. A versatile look, box braids are extremely popular within the African American community. Not only is this style practical, it’s also absolutely stunning!

Originating in Ethiopian culture, box braids are created by using three or more strands of braids that are layered over one another. Different looks can be formed from using varying hair colors as well as using different braid lengths. Below you will find an example of a box braid style.


Three of the Top Box Braid Styles for 2018

You can get a lot of different looks when using box braids. As previously mentioned, the versatility of this style has made it a popular choice among African American women. We at Pure Allure Hair we recommend the following styles:


The Cornrows Look

Able to be created even with super short hair, cornrows are one of the most common type of box braid. This type of braid goes along your scalp, which provides ideal support for weaves, extensions, and other wigs. Additionally, proper cornrows provide the least amount of stress on the head, making it the most comfortable box braid for wearing hair extensions.


The Micro Braids Look

This look is formed when your hair is braided into small plaits. Able to be short or long, these braids can be worn for extended periods of time while not showing any visible new hair growth. This keeps your style looking fresh and kept together. Additionally, micros are ideal for up hair dos.


The Marley Hair Braids Look

If your hair texture is coarse, the best box braid for you is the Marley hair braid. Similar to the appearance of dreadlocks, this braid blends well with natural hair. This type of braid is generally lighter than other types, allowing for extended wear and a greater ability to effectively wear your hair up.

Box Braids

Tying Up the Loose Ends: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Does my hair grow in a box braid?

Yes! Box braids are worn by women of color as a protective measure for their hair. While in the various box braid styles, natural hair has the chance to rest, grow, and become enriched. Box braids also protect your natural hair from the elements.

To maximize your natural hair growth and enrichment, take care of your hair to keep it healthy. Make sure you keep it moisturized and apply a good conditioner to your roots on a daily basis while also conditioning your braids. Fully wash your hair every week to two weeks and allow your braids to air dry. It is important to know how take care of your box braids.

As wonderful as box braid are, there is one important caveat: box braids shouldn’t be worn more than two months because at that point, your new natural hair growth will be under too much stress to thrive.

Box braids are always in style but for 2018, they’re extra hot. Look good while also protecting that natural hair, pick out the right box braid for you today. Check our collections and learn more about our peruvian, indian or malaysian hair extensions.